Big Apple Pharmacy - Pseudoephedrine Sales and Distribution Policy

Last updated: September 11, 2023


The objective of our Pseudoephedrine Sales and Distribution Policy is to regulate its sale and distribution, ensuring its appropriate use while preventing misuse. This policy is applicable to all sales in person or online which involve the distribution and sale of products containing pseudoephedrine. 

Before purchasing pseudoephedrine, customers must complete a Patient Intake Form online. Subsequent to this, customers are limited to purchasing a maximum of 3.6 grams per day and no more than 9 grams in a 30-day period, with a transaction limit of two pseudoephedrine-containing products. 

For identification and tracking purposes, customers must also present valid government-issued photo identification in person or send via Patient Intake Form online. Big Apple Pharmacy keeps the recorded details including the customer's full name, address, date of purchase, type and amount of product purchased, and the ID number. 

To ensure secure handling, these products are to be stored either behind the counter or in a locked case, accessible only to pharmacists or designated pharmacy technicians. In case of online purchase it will be mailed out to customer via certified mail. 

Furthermore, it's imperative that all employees involved in the sale undergo training about the policy, its rationale, and techniques to recognize and address suspicious behavior. Suspicious sales or behaviors should be immediately reported to local law enforcement. 

All sales records must be kept for a minimum of two years and should be available for regulatory or law enforcement audits. Violations of this policy can result in disciplinary actions, fines, or legal ramifications. Deliberate misuse or illegal sales will lead to termination and potential legal action. 

This policy will undergo an annual review to incorporate any necessary updates or changes.



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